Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shooting, shooting, shooting!!

I apologize for not posting that much lately. I've been quite busy and I will be the coming week as well. I'm doing lots of shoots and next week I've got quite a big styling assignment. The pictures from above are from a shoot I did last week. I wanted them to be a bit scary.. Don't really know if they are.. Anyway, you can also see my new purchases on the first 2 pics: The flowerprint and the polkadot dress from H&M! I love them..
I've also been restyling my kitchen! When I'm done cleaning up I will show you some pictures! :)


  1. Beautiful! You always have your models make the most unique expressions! And it looks great, although I do believe I'm partial to the second :)

  2. lovely and a bit scary =) it's good that you have lots of work!

  3. Lovely shoot! I like the intensity of the expression!

  4. These photos are beautiful, and they are definitely disconcerting, the second one and the last one in particular.



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