Monday, March 8, 2010

Who stole the tarts?

A few weeks ago I heard Alice in Wonderland was not going to play in Dutch cinemas but I'm so glad they decided they would play it anyway! I saw it yesterday and I loved it!!! I must say it turned out different than I thought but I just think that's just a good thing! I love how everything was made and of corse Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were amazing! I didn't know who Mia Wasikowska (Alice) was before but I think she's really cute! She's got this angelic face, just gorgeous...
Everyone knows the original story of Alice in Wonderland and in this version of Tim Burton Alice is returning to Wonderland again. Though I really liked everything in the movie I would have loved some more flashbacks to the original story..
Is there anyone who has seen it yet? Would like to hear your opinion!

I found the first version of Alice in Wonderland from 1903 directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow. It's a silent movie and if you have the time you should definitely watch it, it's not even 10 minutes long!


  1. Well I for one can' t wait to see this movie. When I have, I will get back to you!!

  2. I want to see it as well, and that little film from 1903 is really amazing! The colours and the music, so pretty!

  3. Thank you for sharing the first ever film adaptation of Alice! The last scene is so cute, when the royal procession is chasing after her. :)

    I have seen Tim Burton's Alice. It was WONDERFUL. I absolutely fell in love with the character of the beautiful and misunderstood Mad Hatter. ♥

  4. saw the movie over the weekend as well. yes yess.. i would love to see more flashback of the original too. funny i actually didn't know that tim burton's version is not the original story until i saw it!

  5. i LOVE the story of alice and wonderland. I hope it lives up to all the hype, because as a fan of both the classic tale and johnny depp, I would hate to be disapointed. Love the little movie. So cute!

  6. i'm so very excited to see this movie! i'm waiting for my boy to get home in a week and a half so we can see it together. LOVE tim burton. love. love. love.



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