Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yesterday I went to see Sex and the City 2 with my friends. I haven't spend much money on clothes lately but after seeing this movie I'm now craving to go and shop and buy lots of new pretty dresses and high heels! I'm gonna save my money for London so I thought I would just make a little topshop wishlist online... Normally my list is huge but now I couldn't really find things I absolutely loved so my list is quite small now. I hope I will find more when I get there!

I love these pictures on the Topshop website:


  1. mmm those topshop shoes are just too lustworthy! good picks too! love that knotted top!

  2. Where did you find these items? I love them!

    Also, too bad you're going to London a week before me!

    I have tons of London tips! For cute shops and unique items, I recommend going to Columbia Road on a saturday or sunday. There's a flower market there too. You can combine it with a trip to the vintage shops in Brick Lane!
    Also, I love the spitalfields market, which is close to Brick Lane.

    My favorite places to shop is in Soho and around Seven Dials in Covent Garden. If you are going shopping on Oxford Street, try to go early in the morning or late at night and avoid weekends.

    My favorite coffeeplaces and cafes are The Hummingbird Bakery in Soho (also in Nothing Hill) and Monmouth Coffee company in covent garden/soho. I also love the area around 59 Lamb's Conduit Street.

    For more unique shops and caf├ęs I recommend the book "Independent London". See more about it here:

    I hope you have a great time! I've been a tourist in London several times, and this summer I am staying for 6 weeks! Feel free to e-mail me if I can help with more tips! :)

  3. ohh, pretty selection you have here. and no, the paris plans fell through unfortunately :( but i will try to make it sometime in the near future. maybe next spring or even winter. i'll keep you posted :)

  4. That's a sweet selection, very perfect for summer too! I really love the white shoes!!

    Have fun in London:)


  5. now those brogues are!

    make sure you stop at top shop while in london - actually there's loads of high street shops that are really cool!

  6. Sometimes a small selection is better than a large one. You never buy every thing from a large selection, which makes you having to choose and with a small collection you can get it all!And you might even have budget left for other shops!! You have picked out some great pieces. Love the white one-piece!!

    Enjoy London!!

  7. i wish i have nice legs so that i could wear patterned stockings...

  8. oh wow, topshop floral tights = pretty much perfect. i drool!



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