Friday, October 8, 2010

R'damse oogst

Another food festival! I just love them. :) This one was really nearby my place and in the open air on a sunny saturday. It was called the harvest festival and there were lots of people selling pure and honest food. On the first picture you can see some edible flowers from Niche, a flowershop which will open this month in Rotterdam. I will definitely visit them when they're open! Of course I bought myself a vegan cupcake from Rosie and the cupcake factory who have this cute website you should take a look at! There were more great participants like Het Vlaamsch Broodhuys who sell the most tasty breads, Public Pie with delicious pies and Voorlopig which is a lovely shop where you can buy all these cute little creative presents! It was a great day..


  1. everythings looks so good...i love the packages of edible flowers!

  2. Oh my, how pretty! Everything looks delightful...

  3. What a wonderful place! I would love to have one of those delicious looking cupcakes! :)

  4. everything looks so good! i don't think i've ever seen edible flowers before :) x

  5. Edible flowers, really? That's the loveliest thing I've ever heard! Having flowers for some snack:)

    Beautiful pics, darling!


  6. maybe it's time now to move back home.
    it looks so wonderful. xxx



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