Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blog award nomination

Yay! I got nominated for an award by Giovanna from the lovely blog Bohomarket. I'm still getting to know this blogging world so I think it's really sweet she's nominated me cause I only just started blogging. Thanks Giovanna!! In order to receive this award I have to answer some questions. So here they are:

1. What's your current obsession?
Blogging.. I started about a month ago and I love doing it! I really appreciate all the sweet comments I get. It encourages me to continue blogging!
2. What's your zodiac sign?
Leo. I love reading my horoscope although I only believe it when it's in my advantage. :)
3. What are you wearing today?
Right now I'm wearing my pyjamas and my outfit today was quite basic, a ruffled dark blue skirt with a tanktop. 
4. What's your latest purchase?
A powder pink (don't know if that's really an existing color but I think you might know what I mean) boyfriend blazer. Please tell me the right name for this color! I would love to know cause it's one of my favorite colors! In dutch we call it old pink.. :)
5. What do you think of the girl who gave you this award?
I don't know her personally but as far as I know her I think she's amazing. She's got a gorgeous blog which really inspires me! 
6. What did you have for dinner?
Patatoes, vegetables and fish. It might not sound spectaculair but it was delicious!
7. What's your favorite decade?
I love the fashion of the 20s with the garçonne-look. 
8. What are your must-haves for summer?
It's allmost winter in Holland so I'll give you my winter must-haves. I'm a big fan of winter accessoiries. My biggest winter must-have is a  huge scarf. These gloves and bandeau from H&M are also on my wishlist. 

9. What would you love to be able to do?
Buy an appartement in Paris.
10. Which is your favorite piece in your closet?
I think it's my bowler. I got it a few years now and I still wear it a lot, I always take it with me just in case my hair gets all messed up.
11. What's your dream job? 
My biggest wish is to own my own shop/ galery some day. Filled with art, fashion and all the other things I love.
12. What's your favorite magazine? 
Hmm.. Do I have to pick one? My collection of magazines is really quite big! Two of my most favorite  magazines are Another Magazine and Zoo Magazine.
13. What do you consider a fashion no no? 
White pants.
14. Describe your personal style.
Romance combined with a little bit of rock & roll. Or at least that's what I want my style to be like, I hope other people will see it that way too! ;)
15. Who's your favorite beatle?
John Lennon
16. What are you proud off? 
My family, for loving me and supporting me for 24 years now in spite of my stubborn behavior sometimes. A thing a leo is known for.. :)


  1. Hi there!! I just read your lovely comment! You're so sweet :)
    Thanks for your kind words about me! I really appreciate them :D
    It's very nice to get to know you more through these questions, I love your answers :)
    Have a lovely day and thanks for accepting this award!

  2. Congrats you deserve it your blog is fab!!! So glad I stumbled across this.

  3. Congrats on the lovely award! And it's so nice to get to know more about you as the person behind this beautiful blog:)

  4. You're Dutch? Originally?
    I'm very interested because I am :)

  5. Congratulations :) your blog is truly beautiful

  6. gefeliciteerd, you do have such a lovely blog. dusty pink?... x



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