Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The search for..

Some new collages I made in my scrapbook for some inspiration. I found the old postcard (which you can see on the second image) on a flea market a while ago, it was send in 1946 by a father to his son. I'm thinking about a search for the son to give him this card back like Amélie does in the movie with the cigar-box she finds in her bathroom. This man is probably in his seventies right now so I hope I will still be able to find him...


  1. Wow! Your inspiration scrapbook is amazing! I actually blogged about inspiration notebooks today hehe!

    I love how yours is so simple and clean cut. Very nice!

    xo Micaela

  2. very beautiful, i love the gorgeous billowy dress and your birdie

  3. i love your collages! and the story behind it is intriguing. let us know if the search for the son is successful, it'd be nice to know!

  4. beautiful collages! i especially love the last one...
    good luck finding that guy!



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