Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vintage finds 5

When I go to a flea market I always check all the cans and boxes cause sometimes you can find some beautiful treasures in there like I found when I opened this can. The little green bottle, the tiny wooden shoe and the bottle filled with these lovely pink beads, I love it! The green bottle makes me wanna write a letter to put in there and throw it into the sea. I was watching tv a while ago and there was this story about a beachcomber who said he finds these bottles filled with letters daily. I love the idea people still do that! Have you ever done it?


  1. Hi! Thanks for answering my question, I'm new to the whole photography thing, but so when you got the model from the agency, did you make an appointment for them to review your portfolio? And then, did they let you work with one of their models?

  2. Oh wow thats awesome! Wonderful finds.

  3. Thanks :) I'll definitely check into this. How did you start to build your portfolio up in the first place before you could go to modeling agencies? Haha, I have so many questions ;)

    Are you a photographer by hobby or is this your job?

    And also, I've decided to go ahead and do the project I was talking about before, so don't forget to stop by tomorrow if you want to sign up, you're the first person who knows what I have planned :)
    I just hope enough people are interested...

  4. Oh! I got the same last bottle, with the pearls, only mines are red and brown...I don't know where they come from, I have them for a long time! But it's quite funny to see this object on your blog! Your great photography reminds me of them! Thanks!
    Have a nice day!




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