Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As I told you before here, I want to show you some adresses of great places in Rotterdam. If you're (just like me) a bit obsessed with good food and cooking you should definitely visit this place called 'Uit de keuken van Branco' (from the kitchen of Branco). Branco is a lovely little restaurant with delicious food and this place is it's little sister where you can buy ingredients of the food you ate at the restaurant. Next to that you can also have lunch there or just drink coffee or tea with a macaron or one of their other delicious treats! The interior looks lovely and creative, I love it!


  1. Oh wow! The restaurant looks absolutely delightful :)

    I love the chandelier made of spoons and forks!

  2. how lucky...maybe someday when the kids are older i will plan a trip there!

  3. It's so beautiful and cozy, i feel like going to Rotterdam!!! I love your Blog

  4. Mooie foto's! Ben er nog nooit geweest en dat terwijl ik er zo dichtbij woon :S



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