Friday, September 24, 2010

Dinner party

You might have noticed my posts about food and eating are increasing. Lately my interest for food is bigger than my interest for fashion.. Maybe I should make a career move? :)
My friends and I started a cooking club. Each month one of us has to cook 5 courses for the rest and it should not be food we daily make but something new and culinary. Last month was my turn and it was a lovely evening. My friends told me it was all delicious so I was happy! Here are some photos of my table before they came. Some fresh flowers spiced up my white interior. As you might see I changed the interior of my livingroom a bit. My table is now on the other side of my room, I will show some more photos later!

This post was also a guestpost at Floddertje: take a look at her beautiful blog!


  1. Wow, that table setting is gorgeous! And your club sounds like so much fun.

    P.S. Leuke blog! Kwam je net tegen via moonface.

  2. I remember seeing this on Floddertje! Beautiful :) I love the idea of the cooking club!

  3. These photos are a dream. And a cooking club sounds like a fantastic idea!

  4. i just envy your place. i need you to come and decorate my place...

  5. Oh it looks so pretty, you chose the perfect flowers!

  6. Your dinning setting is so fresh simple and beautiful!
    I love the all white room too and the gingham cloth.
    Your profile picture on the side it new? You look very pretty.
    Luv kat x

  7. love this post and these photos!



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