Friday, December 18, 2009

Paris day 1

The first day in Paris I visited one of my favourite places there: The market of Saint Ouen. I've posted about it before here. I love this place so much with all the antique stuff. The vintage camera's were so beautiful! I bought some old pictures I will probably use for my scrapbooks. More Paris pics will follow!


  1. ohhh, looks absolutely dreamy! i'd love to go there some day ;)
    btw, i emailed you, so check your email!
    if you want to participate, i'll need the final product by monday


  2. This shop looks great. I love all the old cameras!

    I just found your blog and it is really lovely. So much great inspiration.

  3. Can I be a stowaway in your camera bag next trip to Paris?

  4. oh what a treasure trove!
    and so beautifully captured.
    as seen through your eyes.



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