Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paris Paris!

I'm going to Paris again next week! I'm gonna:

look at all the beautiful buildings
take pictures of all the pretty carrousels
visit some of my favourite places there
do some vintage shopping

walk along the Seine
imagine myself living there
eat some delicious sweets
visit all the tourist attractions though I've seen them so many times before

take pictures of all the pretty french signs (even though they're about the garbage cans).
Does anyone have some more suggestions for me?

(I took these pictures last summer when I was in Paris)


  1. Hello!
    Your picturea are absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
    I love Paris as well

  2. oh, you lucky, lucky girl... these photos are gorgeous, i'm looking forward to your wintery version of this lovely city! i haven't got any specific suggestions apart from: enjoy!!

  3. Lucky you! I have never been to Paris. (poor, poor me)
    Lovely, lovely photographs!
    The vintage drees is toooo gorgeous!

  4. oh wow. i so envy you! do post photos as lovely as these. =) have fun.

  5. Jaaa! Heb nog wat suggesties!

    Le petit atelier de Paris: heel schattig keramiek atelier (zie ook hun site)
    Merci: winkel; vooral kijken en niet kopen! $$$$$
    La Duree: voor de koekjes natuurlijk!
    Chez Janou: Super knus en echt frans eten!

    Heb een heel leuk boekje; Hand Made in Paris van Pia-Jane Bijkerk. Het boekje voor stylistes in Parijs! ;-)
    Kan het wel meenemen als je zaterdag de 19de bij de Sale langskomt! Of ben je dan al weg?

  6. oh, goodness. i so wish i were in paris right now. you are so lucky! :D



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