Saturday, December 5, 2009


Let me tell you the story of Sinterklaas. It does sound a lot like Santa Claus and it looks a bit alike, but there are some differences. Sinterklaas comes somewhere in november with a boat from Spain and stays a few weeks until the 5th ofdecember. That's when we celebrate Sinterklaas' Eve. He comes with his 'Pieten', who are a bit like his assistants. They are black from the soot because they bring presents through the chimney (like Santa) to put in your shoe wich you can put next to the fireplace (with a carrot in it for Sinterklaas his white horse) at the day Sinterklaas arrives in Holland. The 5th of december is the big day cause that's the day you get a lot of presents wich are brought in a jute sack.
The good thing about Sinterklaas is that he also brings lots of sweets: Speculaas (kind of sweet spicy biscuit), pepernoten (tiny spiced biscuits wich taste a little bit like gingerbread), sweet colored candy and lots of different kind of chocolate with my favourite: The chocolate letter. You can get them in all these different kind of flavours: Milk, plain, white chocolat, filled with nuts or praline. I always prefer the plain ones... Hmmmm.. Delicious!!!
Have you ever heard about Sinterklaas before? I think in France they call him St. Nicholas.. I hope this story made a little sense.. :)
Have a great weekend!

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  1. nothing like home.... ik probeer de traditie er een beetje in te houden, de letters zijn al half gesmolten en gebroken als ze aan komen. des al niet te min geniet ik er stiekem toch van. (de hond ook, die eet de penen uit onze schoen!)



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