Tuesday, November 16, 2010


One thing I was really looking forward to on my trip to Paris was visiting the shop 'Le petit atelier de Paris'. I fell in love with this boutique last december when I was in Paris and I couldn't wait to get back there and buy lots of gorgeous little presents! One extremely important thing I forgot was to check the opening hours. They're only open from Thursday to Saturday and I was in Paris from Sunday till Wednesday so I was standing before a closed door! It was such a big disappointment cause I was really looking forward to enjoy the beauty of this shop again and I already had a huge wishlist.. Well, at least I got to enjoy their lovely window-display and I took some photos of that. The next time I visit Paris I will make sure I will be there on one of the days this shop is open! You can see the pictures I took inside last December here or take a look at their website.


  1. hmmmm...closed shop, always a big disappointment, but I am sure you're gonna have your revenge next time;-) it looks lovely

  2. Ik ga rond oud en nieuw naar Parijs..geloof dat ik je hele blog door ga spitten om alle tips op te schrijven:-)

  3. He wat jammer... Lijkt me een erg mooie winkel!



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