Monday, November 1, 2010

La Duree madness!

I saw 3 La Duree stores in Paris and they were all filled with customers! They must be doing a great job! Besides the macarons you can find some delicious pies, cookies, tea and at one shop I even saw La Duree Perfume! I haven't smelled it but it all looks beautiful! A bottle of that perfume would look great in my bathroom...


  1. love your blog...and this post is extra special..beth

  2. Wat een leuke foto's ! Wat een geweldige blog!

    Ik volg je :D

  3. They have one in the airport to so you can buy snacks to take home with you, I haven't tried anything from Laduree yetbut they look simply delicous xoxo

  4. one place to go in paris, i'll take a note of that for sure next time i'm visiting (i don't know when!!) everything looks so delightful!!

  5. your pictures are wonderful, very yummy :)

  6. oh my ive always wanted to go to laduree
    the perfume looks beautiful!



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