Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Window display

So except for the cupcakes I haven't really posted anything about my visit to London yet. I didn't really know where to start cause there so much to show you! I will just start at the beginning then.. The first day we did some shopping, ofcourse at Topshop where I bought a dress and the striped top wich was on my Topshop wishlist, yay! We also stopped by Liberty and Anthropologie where I took these photos of these pretty window displays. It's all really a simple idea to hang the books and the spoons from the ceiling but I think it looks amazing! I got all inspired and I'm thinking now about what I'm gonna collect to hang from my ceiling!


  1. i love these inspirational! Love London!

  2. I love London !!! wish to see your photos soon

  3. the books hanging is very cool indeed!



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